About Us

What is the T-Cell Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation?

The T-Cell Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation is a non-profit organization that was formed in an effort to fulfill several purposes. The first is to provide education about these rare cancers to patients and family members by means of hosting educational forums and providing online literature. When diagnosed, cancer isn’t the only thing these patients have to battle; simple issues such as travel to and from appointments can be costly, so our second goal is to dispense charitable funds to to assist with treatment-related expenses. Last but not least, extensive research is still needed to learn and understand more about T-cell leukemias and lymphomas. Therefore, allocating charitable funds to support such scientific research is imperative in our mission.

How You Can Help to Solve the T-Cell Leukemia Lymphoma Puzzle

As a patient, when you sign up for T-cell lymphoma registries, you are directly contributing to the furtherance of knowledge and future advancements in understanding these complicated and rare lymphoid cancers. This knowledge will not only help create new future treatments, but also bring us closer to a cure.

By contributing to the TCLLF research fund you will help provide much needed support for novel research and discoveries.

With your help the puzzle is one piece closer to being solved.